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Laundry Socks Dock

Are you tired of loosing one sock out of a pair after laundry day? Change your life forever with just 3 easy steps:
1. Add dirty socks to SockDock
2. Toss in washer and dryer with all your other clothes.
3. Hang SockDock to dry.
No fuss, no extra work with handing each socks separatly, and best of all no more loosing socks

SockDock has a uniquw design, making sure your socks stick to the dock. The dock, with its foot-shaped hanger, fits on hampers, doorknobs, or a closet rod. The design allows docking any kind of socks, dress socks, sport socks, knee socks, of any age or size both adult and children. Also works with headbands, gloves, scarves, onesies, mittens, underwear, bras, lingerie, panties, delicates, and undergarments;

credit: Amazon

SockDock is completley washer-machine and dryer safe (certified by Bureau Veritas Laboratories). The package include TWO SockDocks – one for clean socks, and one for dirty socks. Each SockDock holds up to 9 pairs of socks, comes in blue, red, dark blue or pink designs.