Game of Thrones Final Season – 14 Facts And Theories

Theory: Bran is responsible for Daenerys madness and King’s Landing slughter

Observant viewers are still pondering about the off-screen conversation between Brand and Tyrion. As you may remember, during episode 2 of season 8, before “The Long Night” batter, Bran and Tyrion had a short conversation that was cut-off, and viewers are still speculating about the content of this off-screen conversation.


Viewers are also wondering about Bran’s new rule as the Three-eyed-Raven and his abilities to warg into people and animals, which bran didn’t really use this season (apart from a short warging session into raven during The Long Night battle). The theory suggests that Bran warged into Daenerys last remaining dragon, Drogon, and caused him to burn down King’s Landing.

credit: HBO
The motivation for this action would be to expose Daenerys as an illegitimate ruler, and convince both Jon and the people of Westeros, to name him King, as he’s the rightful heir to the Throne. Ever since Bran became the Three-Eyed-Raven, he only showed emotion towards this revelation, that Jon Snow is actually Aegon Targaryen.

His entire journey as the Three-Eye-Raven followed the past of the Stark family, the history of Westeros, and the origin and motivation of the Night King. It is possible the Bran’s destiny and role is to make sure order and thrives are restored to Westeros, by making sure the Night King is destroyed, and by making sure that of the ashes of the war, a rightful ruler will take the throne.