Healthy Baked Lemon Chicken

Loaded with yummy flavor, this easy lemon chicken recipe is perfect 30-minute dinner for two. Put a few simple ingredients together, make a healthy side of quinoa or some roasted veggies and enjoy your evening.

So, dinners had always been a bit of a hassle for me. You probably know that feeling when you’re struggling to eat healthily but once you got home after a long day, you just no longer care what’s going to your stomach. You just need to unwind and there is no time to dance around your kitchen for 2 hours preparing a healthy meal.

But then I realized what my mistake was. Healthy doesn’t mean complicated or time-consuming. In fact, it takes less than 10 minutes to put all the ingredients together and just wait a couple more until it’s ready. Sounds too easy? Well, because it is! The interesting thing about cooking easy and healthy is that it tastes like you’ve spent at least half of the day to have this for your dinner. But now we know the secret, right?

So back to our baked lemon chicken recipe. You’ll be amazed how tender and juicy it turns out! Loaded with all kinds of yummy flavors – savory, but with a hint of sweetness – it’ll become your favorite dinner option very soon. They’re perfect when served on their own but it won’t ever hurt to add your favorite healthy side.

Also, I found it really useful to make a few extra servings for later. They may be used for your lunch sandwich or salad, or make a delicious wrap with chicken and veggies. Get creative!

So how to make this lemon chicken at home? Simple! Follow the recipe below.