How to Make Your Credit Card Go the Extra Mile While Dining Out

Credit cards and dining out are two phrases that go hand in hand perfectly.  And we all like to treat ourselves to a nice dinner at a top restaurant now and then, well, if you are like me it is more now than then.. 🙂

So I figured that if I want to keep my indulgent habit, I had to find a way to make my credit card go the extra mile and work a bit harder for me in reducing the costs every time I swipe it in a fancy restaurant.

It’s true, it can surely be a challenge, but if you look closely, you will find that credit card companies are doing their fair share in encouraging us to spend more by really spending less.


Here are a few helpful tips you might like to consider the next time you swipe your card:


  1. Look for restaurants that offer a cash back option: lots of restaurants and shops have signed an agreement with a variety of credit card companies to allow its users to enjoy cash back benefit. That meaning that when you use your credit card to dine at one of these restaurants, you will automatically get money refunded to your account. It’s usually a not great deal of money, but Hey, every little help.
  2. Your credit card company will most likely also have on their website a list of restaurants, cafes and other treats that will give you special deals if you use your credit card in their establishments. Look for places that offer the 1+1 deals as they usually provide the best value for money.
  3. Most credit card companies have programs that encourage you to collect points in exchange for your purchase called reward programs, that you can redeem later.  Some companies even offer a particular type of card where any purchase you make with it, from household goods to travel and filling that fuel tank in your car; you get bonus points that can be redeemed in various restaurants or even on your next vacation by connecting your details directly to your preferred high mile club!
    Why have a pizza in your hometown when you can have a slice in Naples?
  4. Another way is to have a peek at what’s is available on the coupon websites. Groupon is one of the most famous coupon websites that offer a wide range of fine-dining restaurants, which sometimes go up to 50% off of the price of a dinner. These sites provide cost-effective deals allowing you to dine to your heart desires, but on a budget.


There are various ways to try and save a few dollars when living on a budget and sometimes the simplest things you can do are right under your nose. Utilizing your credit card to your needs is one of them. If you are going to use it anyway, why not learn how it can also give you some money back allowing you to loosen the purse strings and enjoying life a bit more 🙂