Most Successful African Actresses in Hollywood

Chipo Chung

Even though Chipo Chung was born in 1977 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzanian, she is actually half Zimbabwean and half Chinese. Her first two years of life were tumultuous, as her parents tried to establish a permanent residence due to the instability in Zimbabwe. During this time, she stayed in a refugee camp in Mozambique. When she turned 18, she left for the United States.


Chipo Chung appeared in the following films:
• Sunshine
• Proof
• In the Loop
• Phèdre
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In order to hone her raw acting talent, she attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and that acted as a stepping stone to roles in productions such as Doctor Who, Sunshine, Loop, Proof, Last Enemy, Sherlock, and Camelot.

Apart from being an actor, Chung is a well-known activist, and some of her work has involved setting up the SAFE-Kenya outfit, which campaigns towards creating awareness for HIV and educating the public on the limitations of clitoridectomy. She sits on the SAFE-Kemya trustees board.