10 Reasons Why You Should STOP Using Your Microwave

Microwave ovens have become an integral part of just about every kitchen in the US thanks to the fast food culture. While the convenience of those ovens doesn’t call into question, they come with the certain risks to your health. These are top 10 reasons to stop using microwaves.

10. Food Does Not Taste As Good

Credit: Safebee.com

Eating food doesn’t merely mean fueling the body. It’s recommended to take your time when eating a meal. That will make your meal more enjoyable. The Microwave “advantage” is that it also heat your meal much faster than the oven. However, microwaves cause a stronger reaction to water molecules, which means often that water will quickly exceed the temperature of the surrounding food and can evaporate, leaving food dry or rubbery.


Additionally, the microwave does a worse job in spreading the heat evenly, and in most cases, causes your meal to be unbalanced in its temperature. Ovens heat much more evenly and solely from the outside in, usually ‘crisping’ up the outside of the food in a much more pleasant tasting way.