The Most Congested Cities in America

Washington, DC

Washington DC has always been popular, given that it is the capital city of the United States. It is home to many embassies and international organizations. Apart from that, it is rich in history and has incredible historic monuments and museums.


In 2018, INRIX ranked Washington, DC as the second most congested city in America, with motorists said to be losing an average of 155 hours due to this mess. The average car ownership in DC per household is 1, and drivers lose around $ 2045 a year due to traffic congestion.

credit: Wikipeida
Traffic resilience is one of the main issues associated with congestion in Washington (this is according to a study conducted by Northeastern University). Traffic resilience simply means that the roads in this city cannot hold the random traffic surges that occur from time to time.

The speed limit stipulated by the law in Washington DC is 25mph. However, it is different in alleys and buildings that border schools and hospitals, where the lawfully accepted speed limit is 15mph. In urban areas and interstates, the limit increases to 55mph.