Top 7 Restaurants in Moscow

Top 7 Restaurants in Moscow

From decadent and wealthy venues to restaurants designed in a Soviet style, Moscow offers everything needed to captivate curious foodies. There is an abundance of family-friendly, cultural, luxury, and sleek restaurants that also double as bars. With such an extensive selection, travelers may have a difficult task to determine what are the best restaurants in Moscow.

This is why we have compiled a list of top 7 restaurants in the capital of Russia.


1. Café Pushkin

Designed as a 19th-century aristocrat guest house with vintage furniture, liveried waiters, and plenty of antiques, Cafe Pushkin is one of the most popular and the best restaurants in Moscow.  It consists of 3 rooms – the Fireplace Room, the Pharmacy, and the Library and  – each of which has a unique menu featuring dumplings, caviar, and stews. Since 1999, this lavish restaurant has been recognized as the reference point on the dining scene of Moscow. That’s because of its top quality of food, great vodka selection, and excellent service. It is the perfect destination for those wanting to eat like a Tsar be treated as Russian nobility.


Address: 26A Tverskoy, Moscow

Phone:  +7 495 739 00 33