Top 7 Restaurants to Visit in Rome

Romans are known for taking their wines and foods pretty seriously, so many travelers enjoy a number of local meals while staying in Rome. In addition to the omnipresent takeaway tramezzini and pizza, Roman cuisine also features a rich snack culture. But with so many restaurants in Rome offering traditional, international, and Mediterranean cuisine, picking out where to eat in the Eternal City could be tricky.

Here are the top 7 restaurants you must visit in Rome:

1. La Pergola

Credit: La Pergola

Having earned 3 Michelin stars, La Pergola is deemed to be one of the best restaurants in Rome by both international and local foodies. This restaurant offers a stunning view over the city of Rome aside from plenty of innovative, extraordinary Mediterranean dishes. All the dishes are backed by carefully selected fresh ingredients and supplemented by an encyclopedic list of wines. If a high cost is not a problem for you, or if you are one of those people saving up a whole month to enjoy an exceptional meal, then consider having dinner at this luxurious restaurant.


Address: Hotel Rome Cavalieri, Via Alberto Cadlolo 101

Phone: +39 06 3509 2152

2. Fortunato al Pantheon

Credit: Fortunato al Pantheon

If you are looking for a restaurant that isn’t crowded but offers friendly yer professional service, look no further than Fortunato al Pantheon. It features a classic Italian cuisine with a lot of local meals to choose from. But if you are not sure which one to choose, you can follow the chef’s suggestions that vary every day. Classic pasta, such as spaghetti con le vongole, is the most common component part of the general menu. However, this restaurant also offers mouthwatering tagliolini with funghi porcini and white truffles in season.


Address: Via del Pantheon 55

Phone: +39 06 679 2788

3. Il Pagliaccio

credit: Pagaliaccio

This intimate, elegant restaurant boasts two Michelin stars, offering Roman fusion in a superfine modern setting. Although there’s a space for only 28 diners, Il Pagliaccio always provides a unique gastronome experience. It is particularly suitable for a business or private dinner for 8 to 10 people. Here, you can enjoy the tortelli stuffed with broad beans and anchovies among others.


Address: Via dei Banchi Vecchi 129a

Phone: +39 06 6880 9595

4. Ditirambo

Credit: Ditirambo

With its stone arches and beamed ceiling, this small inn is an inviting place worth visiting. The diverse menu blends famous Roman specialties, such as cacio e pepe pasta, with innovative meals like crunchy potato slices with black truffles and cheese fondue. There are also lots of delicious desserts to choose from and first-class wines with reasonable prices.


Address: Piazza della Cancelleria 74

Phone: +39 06 687 1626

5. Aroma

Credit: Aroma

Nestled at the very top of the Palazzo Manfredi 5 star hotel, Aroma is one of those restaurants in Rome that provides the stylish and sumptuous dining experience. While enjoying breathtaking views of the Colosseum, you can experience an interesting mix of Mediterranean and Roman flavors. Make sure to visit this place alfresco on the terrace in the evening for best impressions.


Address: Hotel Palazzo Manfredi, Via Labicana 125

Phone: +39 06 9761 5109

6. All’Oro

Credit: All’Oro

Originally a buzzy small gourmet restaurant, All’Oro has gained popularity when it was moved in an Art Deco building in the Flaminio district close to a large urban square Piazza del Popolo. While sitting on a spacious veranda or in the sub-basement of the villa, you need to try a specialty of the house called coda alla vaccinara or choose from four different tasting menus. The dishes tend to keep the balance between tradition and innovative repasts, so it’s really hard to go wrong with any of them. As a newcomer, you should taste the six-course restaurant menu that consists of the chef Di Giacinto’s “greatest hits”.


Address: Via Giuseppe Pisanelli, 23/25

Phone: +39 06 9799 6907

7. Il Convivio di Troianai

 restaurants in Rome
Credit: Convivio di Troianai

Opened by Troiani brothers in1990, this spot boasts a rich tradition and it is ideal for special occasions. With its top-notch tableware and stylish rooms, along with plenty of delicious dishes, it is considered one of the top restaurants in Rome. You are encouraged to taste a new-style boneless oxtail that comes with seasonal ingredients and celeriac puree. No matter which dish you’ve ordered, make sure to complement it with a glass of wine for the best results. Cheers!


Address: Vicolo dei Soldati 31

Phone:  +39 06 686 9432