Game of Thrones Final Season – 14 Facts And Theories

As the series finale of Game of Thrones rapidly approaches, fans have been having a hard time containing their excitement. Game of Thrones had been one of the most successful and acclaimed TV Shows in the past decade, and perhaps of all time.

Now, if you’re eager to final episode watch the series finale when it airs on May 19, in the meantime, you might want to sink your teeth in the following facts and theories surrounding season eight.
Update: As the last episode is only moments away, we’ve updated this article with new theories and concluded older theories that turned out to be true or false. So be warned, as SPOILERS ARE AHEAD.

Theory: Jon or Aria will kill Daenerys

Season 8, episode 5: “The Bell” follows Dany’s ride into madness, as she burns down the streets of King’s Landing, killing thousands of innocent civilians. Just as previous episodes suggested, and as Dany’s season 2 vision of the burned down Throne room. Now that Dany is revealed as the protagonist, instead of the hero, several fan theories have arisen speculating about her death.


Some are saying the Jon Snow, or Aegon Targaryen, who has always been the show’s main hero, will take upon himself the new title of “King Slayer”, as he will be forced to kill Dany to avoid another reign of a mad queen. Jon as already taken some distance from Dany, early in the episode, when he mentioned to Dany that “She is his Queen”, but no more than that, as he refused to kiss her.

credit: Vox, HBO
Others are claiming that it is Arya who will kill Dany, as part of the Melisandre’s prophesy that Arya will shut down “brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes” – brown eyes represent Walder Frey, whom Arya killed in late season 6. Blue eyes represent the Night King, whom Arya killed in Season 8 Episode 3: “The Long Night”. So naturally, many fans are speculating that Green eyes represent Dany.

However, many fans have discredited the Arya theory as her last dialog with The Hund brought her to the realization that the life of a vengeful killer is not a life worth pursuing. Additionally, many fans are saying that having Arya killing Dany will divert from the real Drama of Jon having to face her, now that she had shown are true madness.